The Nursery Day

8am – 9am: Welcome families and Key Workers. Chat with Parents

9am: Registration. Key Worker Nurture Groups. How are we feeling today?

9.30am: Focused activities such as counting, books and stories

10am: Free-play both indoor and outdoor. Children are taught from objectives within the early years foundation stage

10.30am: Outdoor Games such as Diddi-kicks football, gardening, physical fun activities where children experience the natural outdoor environment

11.15am: Lunch, a sociable time to sit with friends and learn about healthy food.

12.30: A time for sleep or relaxation/yoga

2pm: Healthy Snacks

2:30pm: Focused activities both outdoors and indoors such as water and sand play.

3.15pm: Tidy up time. Together we learn to show respect and care for our environment

3.30pm: Healthy tea. A sociable time with friends

4.15pm: Time for fun such as stories or sing alongs

6pm: End of the day, see you all tomorrow!